La Petite French Classe offers boutique French language classes in a stylish setting for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The classes meet in a beautiful salon in Darling Point, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and are conducted by a professional French teacher. Each class runs for two hours, with a short break for coffee, tea and French gâteaux. Private tuition is also offered.

The classes are conversational and fun, but with a genuine focus on improving our French language skills. Claudia’s philosophy is that, when learning French, one must start with the basic grammar and build from there. The French verb structure is crucial in the creation of small phrases, which then grow into conversational French.

Our classes are held in a relaxed, private environment which encourages participation and enhances learning. These classes attract a very discerning clientele. Each class has fewer than 10 students, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the group.

One of the major goals of La Petite French Classe is to equip our students with practical language skills, to maximise their enjoyment and involvement in travel to France and the many other Francophone destinations around the world.

About Claudia Stahl

Claudia is an Australian, born and raised in Sydney. She started La Petite French Classe some five years ago as she is passionate about the French language, having spent four years in Paris. She has always loved French language and culture and travelled to France regularly during her childhood. After leaving high school she went to study in Lausanne, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, and then travelled around Europe. She had the opportunity to stay with a family just outside of Paris for a number of weeks, and so was introduced to the delights of Parisian life. When she met her future husband some 20 years ago, upon their engagement they decided to have a year in Paris together - this turned into a four and a half-year sejour! This gave them opportunity to learn the language and immerse themselves in the culture. On returning to Sydney Claudia wanted to continue with her French language, but couldn't find a course that quite suited her. She had some other friends who were interested too so - voila! La Petite French Classe was born.

About our teacher

Nicole Laugier is a French national who grew up and was educated in France. Nicole has been teaching in different schools as a private tutor for the past 20 years, mainly in Australia and Asia. She has also taught as a primary teacher in New Caledonia. Nicole is fully accredited by the French Alliance (DAEFLE) and as a French teacher. Nicole's passion is to share her knowledge of French language and culture.